Mycroft Holdings Ltd is building a diversified assembly of Canadian operating companies whose focus is wholesale distribution and/or light manufacturing, where there is recurring revenue, business to business transactions, and where its prior experience lies.

Mycroft’s Founder and Principal, Matt Sauder, has over 25 years’ experience in both specialty manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Matt is putting this experience to work to assist business owners interested in transitioning their companies to new ownership. Matt’s work experience has included positions in sales, operations, line management, account management, and executive leadership, which positions him well for the challenges of being a business owner.


Subsequent to an acquisition the strong operational experience of the Mycroft Team will help ensure that the business continues to prosper, and that any of its obligations are fully met. Some areas of experience that are relevant to most of the businesses that Mycroft would invest in are: Lean Business Practices; Customer Retention; Successful Selling Techniques; Cash Management and Employee Relations.

In short, Mycroft Holdings Ltd is well positioned to look after the legacy responsibilities to the staff, the customers, and to the business itself, which come from the acquisition of a private company.



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